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All of the great and fun times we had together as kids. Too many to count! NoT 'Goodbye' but 'See ya later,Bro!'

Steven Davis

I remember the day you and your dad picked us up from the airport, brought us to our new home and not only welcomed us, but gave up your bedroom for me. A few days later it was discovered that one of the cats was leaving a deposit on the pool table & after some investigation it was determined that it was your cat Sox. He was banished to the garage, but somehow realized he could get into my room through the rafters. I brought you to the room & let you know that I'd keep him safe there. It was our secret, perhaps Brian & Darren knew as well. I loved having you as a big brother.

Lisa Loi

Dad, I remember so much. I miss you so much.

Stefanie Singh

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